Counselling at Your Place is an Australian Skype and telephone counselling service. We are open from 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

We are available to confidentially debrief and provide therapeutic counselling support to a wide range of clients without the need to leave the safety and comfort of your own home.


How can Counselling at Your Place help me?

We can help with issues such as stress, depression and anxiety, workplace bullying, relationship issues, divorce and separation, parenting, sexuality issues, redundancy and retrenchment, anger, grief, dealing with change, gender issues, retirement, drug and alcohol issues and smoking.


Debriefing. Sometimes its important to just let off some steam and release built up tensions and frustrations. Counselling at Your Place allows you to debrief safely and confidentially to a professional counsellor that is caring and non-judgemental.


Understanding.  Being able to safely express yourself, be understood and to get strategies to resolve issues, are essential steps to feeling better and discovering a happier you.


Reframing. Counselling provides you with fresh perspectives that will help you to regain control of your life and confidently move forward.


Strategies and tools. If you would like us to, we will provide you with practical strategies, free resources and the tools that will help you resolve issues and problems.


Options. We explore the various options available to you to deal with your specific issues.


Be heard.  We really listen to the problems that are troubling you. We facilitate caring support by providing the tools and strategies that will suit your individual needs and situation.


Acceptance and non-judgemental.  We celebrate individuality, and respect your own personal life experiences and lifestyle.  


Safe and Relaxed. We believe counselling should be a painless healing experience. We will only go where you want to go, at a pace you are comfortable with.


Easier and faster. Its a faster and a more convenient way to get therapeutic support at home, or wherever you are. No more rushing to appointments during weekdays or during your valuable weekends.


Discrete & confidential. Phone or Skype counselling in your own home is a less confronting and a more discrete way to get counselling support. We adhere to strict professional codes of conduct and confidentiality.


Simple and Secure. Just book a session time that is convenient for you, and securely prepay online using Credit card or PayPal.


No referral is required. Simply book a session on our booking calendar to make an appointment, we confirm your appointment and call or Skype you back for your session.


Our counselling model utilises a caring, holistic approach and we will never limit you to a one size fits all method of counselling. We also give you free resources, tools and strategies that will best help you to resolve your issues and have a happier life.

From your first call, we carefully listen to you, so you are completely heard and understood. We then facilitate the tools, strategies and support that will help you with your specific problems and issues.

Our counselling utilises respected psychological therapeutic methods such as solution focussed therapy, cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Personal therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Transpersonal Therapy.

We will not judge, pigeonhole or label you.  We respect all lifestyles and your personal journey in life. What you share with your counsellor is completely confidential.

About your counsellor

Phil Limon is senior counsellor with Counselling at Your Place. His counselling style is friendly, warm and engaging. He facilitates counselling strategies sensitively and is genuinely caring and empathetic in the support he provides.

Phil has a diploma in counselling and has additional qualifications in mental health and alcohol and other drugs. He has had many years experience supporting a wide range of clients including homeless and rough sleepers, industrial and maritime workers, young and adult offenders, Aboriginal communities and clients living with disabilities and ex-offenders with mental health and cognitive issues.

Phil also is national executive officer of Resolve EAP which provides mental health training and psychological support to Australian employees.

Phil believes positive change can only be successful when a person is properly heard and understood and strategies are set out in achievable and practical steps.

Phillip Limon Senior Counsellor CAYP
Phillip Limon Senior Counsellor CAYP